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The Northeastern University Club Sports Program promotes the athletic and intellectual development of every student-athlete, providing unrivaled opportunities to compete, lead and contribute to the community. Each club is unique in the purpose, but driven by these guiding principles that embody what it means to learn experientially.

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What is NU Club Sports?

Established in the 1940s, Northeastern University boasts the most winning and prolific Club Sports program in the nation. With 64 club sports rosters to choose from, Northeastern University is positioned to advance and compete at the highest club sports level.

From over 3,500 competitive club sports student athletes to thousands of competitive games played, club sports offers northeastern university students an opportunity to compete at a high level and find community on campus right away.

Regardless of the experience of the individual, every Northeastern University student has the opportunity to meet, sign up, and tryout for any of the 64 teams club sports has to offer.

Northeastern University is more than students competing in club sports; they are student ambassadors, campus leaders, community builders, and much more. This department has established numerous initiatives meant to inspire and develop club sports students on and off the field of play. Join club sports today!

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Club Sports

There is a Club Sport for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

 As a Northeastern University club sports participant, there are responsibilities associated with joining a club sport. The purpose of this section is to outline to proper procedures and requirements necessary to make club sports operate as efficient as possible. You can find the answers to all of the most essential club sports questions here. 

What are my duties as an executive?

Your duty as a Club Sport executive is to oversee and execute all administrative duties. This includes — but is not limited to — attending mandatory executive meetings, making all relevant reservations, and handling team finances, remaining in good communication with the Club Sport Office, and submitting all mandatory paperwork required. At minimum, each team is required to have a President, a Treasurer and a Safety Officer. It is up to the individual club on how the administrative tasks are divided up between executives. The Club Sports Office will continually monitor and ensure that each team is in good administrative standing and are always available as a resource to all executives.

What is DoSportsEasy?

DoSportsEasy (DSE) is a platform that all teams are required to use in order to keep track of their roster and schedules. All participating members must be approved on DSE before participating in any Club Sports-related practices and/or events.

What does it mean for a team to be in good administrative standing?

A team is in good administrative standing if they are compliant with all Club Sports and Northeastern University policies and procedures. This includes ensuring rosters are filled out and approved, schedules and events are reported to the Club Sports Office, attending mandatory meetings, healthy financial standing, and adhering to all deadlines. Executives should be in constant communication with the Club Sports Staff.

How do I reserve a practice space?

Each team must submit a Facilities Request Form by the communicated due date from the Club Sports Office. This is to let the CSO know when and where you would prefer to practice. Practice slots are assigned by the CSO and are shared with other sports teams. All requests are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Please see the forms listed on the Requirements tab. 

How do I make any travel reservations?

There are different forms each team needs to complete depending on the type of reservation.

Hotels – All hotels should be booked through Lucid Travel, if possible, however it is not mandatory. If teams are using Lucid Travel, they can search for the hotel they want and complete all the necessary information. Once completed that information will be automatically sent to the Club Sport Staff to complete the billing information and book the hotel.  The CSO strongly encourages use of Lucid whenever possible as Lucid offers 24/7 support toward hotel reservations. 

For all non-Lucid hotel bookings a meeting must be scheduled between club executives and the CSO. If accommodations are booked outside of Lucid Travel, it is the executive board’s responsibility to call the hotel at least 72 hours in advance to check for a Credit Card Authorization Form. Please ensure that your team is compliant with your sport’s governing body’s policy surrounding hotel bookings.

Vans – University Vans are available and free to use for all Club Sports teams. In order to reserve them, please use this Van Reservation request form (for game days, and out of state travel), or this Van Reservation request form (for Practice days ONLY). You must have a certified van driver for every 12 people who will be traveling. The primary contact person regarding University vans is Matt Ells. To view the live van schedule click here. Please be aware that University Vans are a limited resource. If no University Vans are available, teams will need to rent vans and should submit an Avis Van Request form to the Club Sports Office to book.

Flights – When a team needs to book a flight for competition, they must schedule a meeting the Club Sports Office to discuss a travel itinerary and assist in the purchasing of flights for the trip. Lucid travel now offers group flight rates and the CSO highly suggests utilizing this resource. In order for the CSO to make these purchases, we must have the event on file in DSE as well as a travel roster for the event, which states all participants attending full name as appears on identification and a birthdate. Ideally, a team will give the Club Sports Office at least one month’s notice or as soon as possible.

How do I become van certified?

In order to drive a University Van, all drivers must meet the following criteria:

  1. drivers must be 21 years of age or older
  2. hold a valid driver’s license
  3. have a copy of their driving record with a 3 year clean driving record
  4. Obtain a certificate of completion for “online van certification” (see below for instructions)
  5. Then book your “van certification driver test”
    • Once you have obtained copies of documents from steps 2, 3 and 4, please attach and send those 3 documents in ONE email to Chelsey at and request to schedule your in person certification test.

Online Van Certification

In order to obtain a Northeastern University Van Driver Certificate, those looking to be certified must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. First-time users should select the option to Register Now on the right side of the screen.
  3. Create a username and provide information for a user profile.
  4. Be sure to enter a valid email address & correct role at your institution (Student!)
    • Please contact your training administrator if you are unsure of your role
  5. Select the department and position that is most applicable to you
  6. Enter this institution registration code: 0628-SC37-XY12.
  7. After clicking Register, you should receive an email with a temporary password
  8. Follow the link in the email to sign on.
  9. You will be prompted to enter a new password.
  1. After you have completed the test and passed it, print/save the certificate for submission
What resources are available to me as an executive?

The Club Sports Office Staff is always available to answer any and all questions you may have and will try to accommodate all requests. Additionally, executives can direct questions or express concerns to the Club Sports Council — a body of select executives that serves as a liaison between club athletes and the CSO — via email.

The Club Sports Handbook is the best individual resource for any questions relating to the functions of a Club Sport at Northeastern which can be found under the “Resources” tab.

How can our team access the money in our account?

Any and all finances should be handled through the Club Sports Office. Student Activities Business Office (SABO), located in 433 Curry Student Center is also a resource that can be used for more information about your account. This is where all funds are deposited for any Club. Each team is assigned a unique Index Number. All purchases will need to be cleared through the Club Sports Office. Any purchase over $5,000 requires a purchase order which will need to be created by the CSO.

Does our team receive funding?

Our office provides all official Club Sports with an initial allocation, if eligible, and if they meet the University/department criteria. Teams also receive a roster allocation when they complete all mandatory compliance paperwork needed for the October 15th deadline including Risk forms, attend Fall Trainings, etc. In addition, all teams have the opportunity to secure an administrative allocation at the end of the year if they complete all assigned paperwork and meet all mandatory deadlines set in our handbook. Lastly, teams may receive an additional allocation if they qualify for nationals as recognized by their governing body.

Can our team store items and equipment with the Club Sports Office?

If your team wishes to store items and equipment with the Club Sports Office, please submit a request to a Club Sports Staff member and each request will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Storage space is extremely limited and is not guaranteed.

How do we pay our coaches?

 All Part-time coaches must submit their own hours on their Workday account after they are officially hired by Club Sports and will be paid biweekly if they submit their timesheets. We strongly encourage executives to communicate with their coaches and keep track of the hours they are submitting weekly in order to stay current with their account and to ensure hours are being submitted properly. Clubs are also responsible for paying fringe benefits for any hourly paid coach.

club sports Testimonials

You guys have been amazing this past year!! Love working with you all and very excited to be a part of club sports during such a time of growth for both my team and club sports in general.

Rachel Tassinari [Women’s Hockey]

Being president has been an amazing journey for myself. I have learned a lot about managing people, organization, communication, and conflict resolution. I can confidently say that I have grown as a leader and that it is because of my role as an executive.

Tina Zheng [Women’s Powerlifting]

Thanks for everything, a great Club Sports experience will be one of the defining things I look back on when thinking of college life.

Jacob Barrett [Men’s Volleyball]

Meet the Staff

Mike Vander Heyden

Associate Director of Club Sports & Esports, 617-755-9354

Rachael Tucker

Assistant Director of Club Sports, (617) 373-4662

Ari Dayan

Coordinator of Club Sports, (617) 373-3640

John Turbessi

Coordinator of Esports & Club Sports, (617)-834-9228

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